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Like many industries, the financial services sector is transforming to serve customers’ needs across digital and brick-and-mortar touchpoints. APR’s staff are experts on mobile banking, customer satisfaction, and positioning studies across the finance and insurance industries. Get in touch to find out how we can help transform your marketing strategies to meet the needs of today’s digital customer.

“APR has a keen sense of what clients seek in a relationship. From the moment we started working with APR, I knew that our needs were important to them. Throughout the process that we undertook to launch a new financial service product, APR was there with us all along the way. What was especially important to us was the fact that when we needed something from APR, they returned our calls and emails almost immediately.”
– Warren Peltier, Partner, Fiat Money Center/Mortgage Group, LLC

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PIC Wisconsin Case Study

Current & Past Marketing Projects

  • Bank Institute of America
  • Cambridge State Bank
  • Fiat Money Center
  • Firstar Bank Milwaukee WI
  • Iowa Capital Bank & Trust*
  • Johnson Bank
  • New Century Commercial Mortgage Division
  • Orion Auto Insurance*
  • PIC Wisconsin
  • Society of Fundraising Executives
  • Viking Insurance Madison WI*
  • Waukesha County Finance Cooperative
  • West Bend Savings Bank
  • Wisconsin Bureau of Health Financing Services
  • The Wisconsin Financial Partnership
  • Wisconsin Municipal Mutual Insurance Company

*Dr. Peltier as Director of Research, Knupp & Watson, Inc.

Published Research on Banking

Our expertise also extends to applied academic research on the banking and financial services sector. Check out some of our recent publications.

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