Applied PhD Research offers strategic planning moderation that will deliver actionable strategic insights

Updating your business or marketing strategy? We can help moderate the strategic planning process to build consensus and provide your team with data-driven strategic insights.

Our Research-Pyramid approach will help engage key stakeholders within your organization to build consensus, while the research results with customers or other stakeholders inform the strategic planning process. We’ve helped our clients navigate program design, launch, and evaluation across a range of marketing strategies and tactics including:

  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Branding and positioning
  • Customer acquisition
  • Customer experience (CX)
  • Customer satisfaction & retention
  • Email marketing
  • Loyalty programs
  • Market feasibility and new product development (NPD) research
  • Mobile marketing
  • Needs assessment
  • Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Omnichannel marketing
  • Segmentation and targeting
  • Social media
  • Taste testing, active sampling, and coupon delivery
  • + more

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