Our Services

Our services have been used on hundreds of different qualitative and quantitative marketing research projects. We customize each project to fit your marketing objectives.

Qualitative Research

Focus groups, interviews, and unstructured data analysis. We can help design, moderate, or analyze open-ended data using a variety of qualitative research methods.

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Quantitative Research

From survey design to data collection and analysis. We've helped build 1,000s of surveys. Want on-going insights, we've helped develop large customer advocacy panels too!

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Strategic Planning

Updating your business or marketing strategy? We can help moderate the strategic planning process to build consensus and provide your team with data-driven strategic insights.

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What do consumers think of your brand? Our comprehensive brand audit and brand awareness research will help you develop a strategy to improve your brand positioning.

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Digital Marketing

Ready for the digital transformation? Do you need a content strategy refresh? We'll help you understand your persona's pain points to develop a more effective digital strategy.

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Satisfaction | NPS

Want to gain a better understanding of your brand's customer experience (CX)? Let us help identify key issues to help increase customer satisfaction, retention, and advocacy.

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Are you leveraging segmentation data to enhance your marketing efforts? We can provide strategic insights to help you understand and engage your audience.

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Online? Brick-and-mortar? Print? Are all of your marketing efforts integrated? We can help you identify strategies to reach today's omnichannel customers.

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Feasibility | NPD

Launching a new product, service, or initiative? We can help determine market potential, pricing, and other strategic input to increase the success of your launch strategy.

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Why Choose Us?

Applied PhD Research & Marketing was founded on the principle of PhD-driven research that drives actionable strategic marketing.


APR staff are PhD-trained experts on applied research methods and statistical analysis. We eat, sleep, and breathe marketing!


At the end of the day, we want you to succeed. We design studies to inform actionable recommendations that get results.

Customized Solutions

All of our research projects are custom-designed to address your business objectives.


We understand time is money. We value open-communication and strive to be responsive to your needs.

APR has experience working on strategic marketing research projects in a variety of industries. We offer custom research services that provide actionable results.

Strategic Marketing Leaders

APR brings together different PhDs and other staff members who have experience on 100+ research and strategic marketing projects.

Dr. Jimmy Pelter, President & Founder
Dr. Jimmy PeltierPresident & Founder

Award-winning researcher, consultant, educator, & Sales Institute Director.

Dr. Jimmy Pelter, President & Founder
Dr. Jimmy PeltierPresident & Founder

Award-winning researcher, consultant, educator, & Sales Institute Director.

Dr. Andy Dahl, Director of Research & Partner
Dr. Andy DahlDirector of Research

Award-winning researcher, consultant, educator & Google Academic Panel Member.

Dr. Andy Dahl, Director of Research & Partner
Dr. Andy DahlDirector of Research

Award-winning researcher, consultant, educator & Google Academic Panel Member.


Our Skills

Our team brings together experts specific to solving your marketing problem. Find out why marketing intelligence is our middle name. We have experts that understand cutting-edge research methodologies, data analysis, and modeling. Our approach and diversity of our experience allows us to quickly adapt to your industry to understand the relevant issues and gather the marketing insights you need.

Research Design & Methodology
Data Analysis & Modeling
Strategic Marketing Planning
Digital Marketing

Our Industry Expertise

We work with clients across a variety of industries. Check out our industry experience, case studies, and published research.



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Retail & Franchising

#Digital #Retail

We custom design each marketing research project with your objectives in mind.

Finance & Insurance

#Digital #Finance

APR has extensive experience working with federal, state, and local government agencies on marketing research and behavior change initiatives. Check out our non-profit portfolio of strategic marketing initiatives.

Government & Non-Profit

#Government #Non-Profit

Business Growth Depends on Strategic Marketing

Need help with your next strategic marketing initiative? Want actionable insights for your marketing team? We offer customized research that leads to actionable results.

Contact APR Today!

We take pride in our ability to be responsive to clients' needs as they arise and the relationship-building approach that we take. We would love to welcome you to the APR family!

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    Check out our FAQs to learn more about APR and what we can do for your organization.

    • Who is APR?

      APR, or Applied PhD Research & Marketing LLC, is a consortium of PhD-trained researchers that are experts in marketing strategy.

    • Do you offer customized research?

      All of our research projects are custom-designed with your specific objectives in mind. We focus on identifying your needs to deliver research insights that lead to actionable marketing strategies.

    • Do you work on a billable hour basis?

      We primarily work on a project retainer basis. Our prices are based on the scope of the work - we don't bill on a per hour basis which means you get our experienced staff on all projects without worrying about going over budget. Although rare, we do offer some projects on a billable hour basis including expert witness testimony.

    • What is the Research-Pyramid Approach?

      Although organizations should not utilize a single, rigid approach to all research, a consistent research philosophy should be followed: Building Knowledge From The Bottom-Up. Specifically, research efforts should be based on a "pyramid" approach to gathering knowledge. This philosophy is grounded on the belief that extensive exploratory or qualitative research must first be conducted, and foundations established, before more specific and generalizeable descriptive or quantitative research efforts may be undertaken.