• Who is APR?

    APR, or Applied PhD Research & Marketing LLC, is a consortium of PhD-trained researchers that are experts in marketing strategy. Led by Dr. Jimmy Peltier and Dr. Andy Dahl, our team can help your organization enhance your marketing strategy.

  • Do you offer customized research?

    All of our research projects are custom-designed with your specific business problems and objectives in mind. We focus on identifying your needs to deliver research insights that lead to actionable marketing strategies.

  • Do you work on a billable hour basis?

    We primarily work on a project retainer basis. Our prices are based on the scope of the work - we don't bill on a per hour basis which means you get our experienced staff on all projects without worrying about going over budget. Although rare, we do offer some projects on a billable hour basis including expert witness testimony.

  • What is the Research-Pyramid Approach?

    Although organizations should not utilize a single, rigid approach to all research, a consistent research philosophy should be followed: Building Knowledge From The Bottom-Up. Specifically, research efforts should be based on a "pyramid" approach to gathering knowledge. This philosophy is grounded on the belief that extensive exploratory or qualitative research must first be conducted, and foundations established, before more specific and generalizeable descriptive or quantitative research efforts may be undertaken.

  • What services do you offer?

    At Applied PhD Research & Marketing we offer a variety of marketing research and marketing strategy consulting services. As a consortium, we bring together marketing experts that fit your project needs. While we specialize in marketing research to drive strategic results, we also offer database analysis, RFM and other predictive modeling, branding, digital marketing, and other services. Contact us today to discuss your specific project needs.