Applied PhD Research offers quantitative research including surveys and advocacy panel management

Our Research-Pyramid approach to research employs a mixed-methods design using qualitative and quantitative techniques. Applied PhD Research & Marketing can meet your quantitative research needs from survey design to data collection and analysis. We’ve helped build 1,000s of surveys covering addressing a range of research objectives. Do you have a need for on-going strategic marketing insights? We’ve also helped clients build large (20,000+) customer advocacy panels too! Each project is custom-designed to your marketing problem to ensure you end up with actionable data and marketing intelligence.

How can quantitative research help your organization?

The quantitative research stage will help your organization:

  • Obtain insight from key stakeholders inside and outside your organization
  • Generate a deeper understanding of important issues
  • Establish baselines for on-going tracking and benchmarking
  • Develop effective and efficient long-term quality improvement plans that have stakeholder buy-in

We design our quantitative research to address your research objectives based on the preceding qualitative research stages. Our approach will engage your staff to build consensus and create buy-in within your organization. What does this mean for your organization? The result is a research process that is more likely to get actionable strategic results your employees can effectively execute.

What quantitative research methodologies does APR offer?

Check out some of our most common quantitative research methodologies used for clients that span industries such as healthcare, financial services, retail and omnichannel, and non-profit/government organizations.

Online Surveys

Online surveys have become a staple of our data collection arsenal. Online surveys are a quick, trackable, personalizable, and low-cost means of collecting valuable data. In addition to the traditional attitudinal, behavioral, and awareness-based data that can be collected, online surveys have outstanding graphical and audio capabilities useful for generating feedback on multimedia ads, logos, websites, and a host of other creative components. Since 2004 APR has collected over 1 million responses to online surveys, including several individual surveys with over 50,000 responses.

Online Customer Advocacy Panels

APR offers our research partners the opportunity to create large-scale, proprietary consumer advocacy panels. Customer advocacy panels are typically made up of loyal and non-loyal customers who are willing to provide research input on an ongoing basis. We’ve helped clients interact with advocacy panel members through periodic focus groups (on-site or mobile) or via online surveys. In the past few years alone we have had over 50,000 Advocacy Panel contacts, generating insight into a wide range of topical areas, including taste testing, new product development, evaluating TV, radio, print, and websites, company and competitor perceptions, psychographics, behaviors, among many other data types.

Store | On-Site Intercepts

APR has conducted 1000’s of on-site surveys collected from customers and individuals passing by intercept sites. Getting direct and immediate responses on-site provides additional realism as customers and prospects traverse a store’s footprint (or other sites). These responses have come in the form of detailed questionnaires, interviews, and taste tests.


APR has conducted door-to-door sampling including for community health needs assessment surveys. The sampling method not only increases response rate, but also leads to highly representative samples that you can feel confident generalizing to your geographic customer base.

Phone and Mail Surveys

Lest we forget, telephone and mail surveys are still important research elements, especially with the higher response rates that they provide and the broad reach that they offer. APR continues to offer these services to clients when they fit with client objectives and budget.

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