Brand awareness, identity, and positioning studies by Applied PhD Research will help you understand how consumers view your brand

What do consumers think of your brand? How does your brand compare to others in their consideration set?

Utilizing our Research-Pyramid approach, we can help your team conduct a comprehensive brand audit, brand awareness tracking, and other strategic research that will help you understand how customers view your brand. APR has completed reviews of client’s branding efforts in order to help identify areas of consistency, complete a SWOT analysis, and provide other brand recommendations that will enhance your brand’s positioning in the marketplace. We’ve helped launch new brands, products, and initiatives and re-position existing brands in a variety of industries.

Need creative design services or testing?

We can help provide creative design and testing services including:

  • Branding and positioning
  • Creative development and testing
  • Logo design and testing
  • Print collateral design and testing
  • Website design/development
  • + more

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