The healthcare industry is evolving as part of the larger digital transformation. Healthcare organizations need to take a proactive approach to the patient (customer) experience across multiple patient-healthcare staff touchpoints. We have extensive experience in assessing patient satisfaction, conducting community health needs assessments, launching and assessing telemedicine and digital health initiatives, among other healthcare marketing strategic initiatives.

“Dr. Peltier and APR staff are visionary in their search for answers. Their work on revising our patient satisfaction and engagement reports is now part of this healthcare organization’s culture. We also look to APR for strategic insight in developing critical community wellness initiatives through their management of our annual Community Health Assessment. A key strength of APR is their rapid response to any of our needs that may arise.”

– Michael S. Wallace, CEO & President, Fort HealthCare

Dr. Peltier’s research acumen is very impressive and his work is of the utmost quality. Importantly, the two-year research project he supervised for us had actionable recommendations and lead to impressive results.

– Dr. Anthony M. D’Alessandro, Medical Director, Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics Organ Procurement Organization

Read our Healthcare Case Studies

UW Health

Project: UW Hospital and Organ Procurement Organization: Donations After Cardiac Death

Project: Physicians Insurance Company of Wisconsin Potential Market Study

Current & Past Healthcare Projects

We have extensive experience and have worked on strategic marketing research projects spanning a variety of patient, healthcare staff, and other stakeholders in the healthcare industry. Get in touch today to discuss your healthcare marketing research needs.

  • Asthma Clinic Project (Sponsored by Dean Clinic/St Mary’s Hospital)
  • Aurora Clinic Sheboygan
  • Aurora Healthcare Nursing Administration
  • Beloit Memorial Hospital
  • Blue Cross & Blue Shield
  • CNR Behavioral Health Care
  • CompareBlue
  • Dentacare
  • Elder Span*
  • Family Resource Center, ATOD Prevention
  • Fort HealthCare
  • Foster Care*
  • Heartland Dental
  • Kenosha Health Care Partnership
  • Medicare Blue
  • Melvin B-Free From Smoking Campaign*
  • Meridian Managed
  • Monroe Health Center, WI*
  • PIC Wisconsin/ProAssurance TPA Study
  • Primary Resources*
  • Sheboygan Clinic
  • Special Needs Adoption
  • St. Mary’s Hospital
  • United Government Services (Medicare)
  • United Wisconsin Group (Disability)
  • Unity Health Plans
  • University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinic*
  • U.S. Health and Human Services Administration
  • Valley Health Plans
  • Watertown Hospital
  • Wisconsin Bureau of Health Financing Services
  • Wisconsin Children’s Hospital
  • Wisconsin Dept of Health & Family Services, ATOD Prevention
  • Wisconsin Early Intervention*
  • Wisconsin Health and Hospital Association*
  • Wisconsin Nursing Association

*Dr. Peltier as Director of Research, Knupp & Watson, Inc.

Published Research in Healthcare

Our expertise extends to applied academic research on a variety of healthcare marketing initiatives including the digital health transformation of the healthcare and social cause marketing sectors. Check out some of our recent peer-reviewed publications in this area.

Dahl, A.J., Milne, G.R., & Peltier, J.W. (2021) Digital health information seeking in an omni-channel environment – A shared decision-making and service-dominant logic perspective. Journal of Business Research.

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