Dr. Jimmy Peltier, President & Founder

Dr. Peltier earned his Ph.D., MBA, and B.B.A. Degrees in Marketing and Marketing Research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, with a minor in statistical analysis at the Doctoral level. In addition to being President of APR Research, Dr. Peltier was the Director of Research of Knupp & Watson Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations for 20 years. He is an internationally known expert in marketing research, with an extensive background in strategic marketing, customer satisfaction initiatives, franchising and retail, advertising research, healthcare marketing, financial services, social marketing, education-based initiatives, and database applications. In his roles as Arno Kleimenhagen Professor of Marketing, Sales Institute Director, and Department Chair of Marketing at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Dr. Peltier continues to be on the leading edge of today’s information economy.

Dr. Peltier has been the recipient of over 30 international, national and regional research awards. He has been a keynote speaker at numerous conferences, with the majority of his presentations leading the way for the advancement of research and strategic thinking needed to compete in the global economy.

  • Supervised 100s of Research Projects
  • Winner of Nearly 30 International, National, and Regional Research Awards
  • Expert in a Wide Range of Advanced Statistical Techniques
  • Over 100 Journal Publications and Conference Presentations


  • Ph.D. in Marketing, Minor in Statistical Analysis, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • MBA in Marketing, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • BBA in Marketing, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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